Top Companies Give Advice On How To Stay Innovative In Your Job

Top Companies Give Advice On How To Stay Innovative In Your Job

Every company wants to have a forward minded staff that is constantly coming up with new ideas. To achieve this companies have done everything in the book and sometimes even the unconventional. However, as a trend among big companies the unconventional is encouraged more. These are the eccentric techniques that brands like Facebook, Uber, LinkedIn and Yahoo have employed.

Top Companies Give Advice On How To Stay Innovative In Your Job

Here is a look:

Uber’s Creation of Advocates

Uber’s taxi service made transport accessible from virtually anywhere. Their popularity has grown the world over since they begun. Simon Rossi who is a general manager at the company explained something that been able to make the brand something its customer base can associate with and love. By providing transport access, which at times may be inconveniencing, is achieved through a problem solving mentality which is that the management at Uber always encourages. In line with problem solving Uber then went ahead to expand their transport services such that one could get a helicopter ride right from the app, as well as order ice cream which would be delivered to you.

Through this the company becomes a brand that people can resonate with and what follows is them forming a “bond” with the company. Advocates who have come to love the company then spread the word through social media.

Facebook’s Plan is About Hacking

Being a company that runs a social media platform, Facebook is right in the middle of tech innovation. Facebook’s hacker culture was explained by Client Partner at Facebook ANZ. The culture encourages members to think of themselves as hackers in order to help each other out when stuck. Every member of the staff is allowed to forward their suggestion as to how to solve a certain problem. Through this open form of communication ideas flow and develop much faster and better.

Using Technology and Content to Come up with Innovation at Yahoo7

Yahoo7 came into being when Yahoo Inc. and Seven West Media partnered to form the company. This partnership has made resources from both companies accessible so that the company can create fresh content. The content is designed to be used across multiple devices. Relevance is the name of the game and to remain relevant the company has to keep coming up with new ways to keep users engaged. They are constantly coming up with big ideas that can be integrated and delivered through varied channels. This is so that they can always be ahead of the next big thing.

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