6 Ways To Cut Costs On Your Wedding Flower Budget

6 Ways To Cut Costs On Your Wedding Flower Budget

Flowers are one of the most interesting items for both, bride and groom when it comes to the wedding budget. It’s damn confusing to select and order the wedding flowers throughout the wedding process. You may be surprised to know the cost at the first glance but then you will realize you have to consider a lot of different things into your wedding plan. When you create your wedding budget, there are so many things needed to be considered such as wedding venue, flower selection and the wedding season.

6 Ways To Cut Costs On Your Wedding Flower Budget

If you feel, wedding flowers take your big amount then you want to look for some inexpensive floral options. Right? Also, flower delivery charges add up into your wedding budget. Thus, you should visit cheap flower delivery UK for flowers delivery at a reasonable amount. Here are few ways that can help you in minimizing costs on wedding flowers.

  1. Use Seasonable Flowers : This one is the simplest thing that you can do to cut down your wedding flower costs. If you are planning to get out-of-season flowers for your wedding then, you’re on your way in losing almost half of your budget in only wedding decoration. Whereas seasonable flowers are much more available and affordable than any other. Good florists will suggest you alternate flowers to help you in creating the same look with more affordable and seasonable wedding flowers. For an example, you can choose a high petal count rose which has all the fluffiness of peony without the budget-breaking price tag.

  1. Keep Things Small : Huge cascading wedding bouquets are breathtaking but those awesome looking blooms are pricey. It depends on what flowers you choose, to keep your bouquet small and minimal will help you to cut down the cost. You can look for mini bridesmaids bouquets which are adorable.

  1. Use Herbs, Fruits, Greenery Or Vegetables Instead Of Blooms : People loves to expect the unexpected moments. Thus, it will be surprising if you are adding some non-floral fillers such as herbs, fruits and veggies. This won’t basically the most cost-effective solution to save money on your bridal bouquet so ensure to check with your florist and try to compare prices between a traditional bouquet.

  1. Don’t Have Flowers In Your Centrepieces : The first thing you may think of when it comes to wedding centrepieces is flowers. But flowers aren’t a must-have requirement for your wedding reception centrepieces. Thus, you can cut flowers from the wedding centrepiece can help you in reducing the cost of your florists.

  1. Do Double Duty : If you can not imagine your wedding reception without flower centrepieces but you are on the tight budget then it’s time to be creative. If you have a floral backdrop or you are using flowers for aisle décor then recruit some of your friends or family members to help you move the blooms to your reception. Although, they won’t be doing any good just sitting there after the ceremony is finished.

  1. Buy Wholesale And DIY : Some wedding professionals disagree with the idea that brides can buy their flowers wholesale and can DIY them. Anyway, there is a popular alternative for brides who want to save money on flowers is you can buy flowers in bulk and DIY the wedding bouquets or centrepieces. If you want to get fancy then take a flower arranging class with a bridesmaid or your any other friend before your big day so you’ll get a sense of basics that you can apply on your big day.


If you’re budget conscious or have to stay in budget limit then, these ways can surely help you in managing your big day around your defined budget. Try to make budget-friendly wedding arrangements. Happy wedding day!

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