Why Automated Accessibility Testing Is The Need Of The Day?

Why Automated Accessibility Testing Is The Need Of The Day?

For a software application to be successful, the first and the most basic quality that it should have is accessibility. However, this key area is often given less importance only to result in an application that encounters accessibility issues with the users. That an application should be accessible is also a legal requirement asking for a compliance with Section 508.

Accessibility Testing Services are the need of the day because the solutions bring numerous advantages in the software development lifecycle. Let us look into some of these prominent benefits in details.

Automated Accessibility Testing Saves a Lot of Testing Time

Testing with manual tools like JAWS or NVDA requires a lot of time because these are simply screen reading tools without any accessibility testing feature built into them. For an application that has about 100 web pages, it takes roughly 40 working days to test for accessibility with manual tools. On the other hand, an automated accessibility testing reduces this time by at least 50X, which calls for faster delivery and definitely, better output.

Automated Testing Makes You Confident of Your Application

Well, the lack of the accessibility feature in the particular software application can cause a lot of trouble. When issues are detected right before the release of the product, the entire process of detecting and fixing them gets way too expensive. In fact, a potential client might also file a lawsuit and examples of such lawsuits filed for the applications not being accessible are many. Getting an automated accessibility testing done is the best way of saving time, money and eliminating the chance of trouble later.

Automated Testing Ensures a Better Coverage

Even with accessibility testing as a part of the test strategy, it is the amount of coverage that comes across as the primary concern. However, when it is automated, you have specific tools and you are sure of what it is being used for. As such, the overall accessibility test coverage gets increased to a significant extent.

Dependence on the Tester’s Knowledge is Reduced

More often than not, using tools like JAWS or other screen reading technologies increases the dependence on the knowledge levels of the tester. This causes issues to slip through to the 508 Compliance department (usually in federal agencies), and it is too late to fix the issues by the time it reaches them. Automated accessibility testing ensures that the rules and their logical implementation are defined clearly so you can be confident what is being tested for.

Monitoring Changes for Accessibility Issues Becomes Feasible

As important continuous performance monitoring is for applications, monitoring continuously for any accessibility issue is important during application development. An automated testing tool will help you achieve continuous monitoring for accessibility.

Thus, automated accessibility testing is the dire need of the day when it comes to software application testing. Organizations need to find a reputed provider to derive the best out of accessibility testing.

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