6 Tips To Write A Unique College Application Essay

6 Tips To Write A Unique College Application Essay

The college application essay is one of the most important elements of the admission process. Every student trying to secure his place in a college needs to fulfill this daunting task, whether they like it or not. This essay can make or break your admission process. It represents the best method of separating the good students from the best.

At first, everyone needs a little bit of help, it makes it all easier and it increases the quality of the end result. Here are 6 tips that will help you create a high-quality college application essay.

 1. Include the most relevant information only

Many students try to sum up their whole life in a 700 or 800 words essay thinking that this will impress the admission committee. That’s quite impossible, you should focus on the relevant information only. Don’t try to write down some impressing events that happened to you. You should focus on your personality, on the way the experiences you’ve been through changed the way you see the world. You should highlight the way those experiences would help you as a student.

2. Edit only after you’re done writing

It’s very hard to have a constant flow of ideas because this skill is very hard to train. When writing, many people focus for a few minutes then start doing something else and they lose their main idea. You should know that, once you started writing and your ideas start pouring in, you shouldn’t stop until you finished the essay or you run out of ideas.

People tend to edit their essays very much because they always come up with different ideas or approaches. It is very important to keep on writing once you started and edit only after you laid down your main idea. Once you wrote it down, you should read it and if there’s something you feel you should change, you should go on and change it. Many students tend to ask for professional help in order to have one of a kind essays, Bestcustomessay.org team are one of the best.

3. You shouldn’t make use of negative events

When writing your college essay, you shouldn’t present negative aspects in your life. Unless they changed your personality in a positive way, you shouldn’t expose them at all. You shouldn’t mention in your college application essay the way when you were younger, police arrested you because you were a pickpocket. Focus on the positive, nobody likes negativists.

4. Create exhaustive images of your activities

In order to create a comprehensive image, one that will have a powerful impact on your reader, you need to make them visualize it. For you to do that, you need to offer as many details as possible about the activities you enjoy and events that changed you for good. This way, you will create an attractive, one that will arouse your readers’ feelings.

5. Try to be funny

Put yourself in the college essay reader’s place, imagine yourself reading dozens of essays a day. It can be quite boring, isn’t it? If you want to create an essay your readers will remember, you should try to create a funny, but informative essay. Even though it might sound unnatural to have an essay with these two characteristics, it isn’t.

By adding a dash of humor in your essay, you will have better chances of creating a one of a kind essay. Why? Because everyone creates stone-cold college application essays.

 6. Sell yourself

When writing this essay you want to convince your reader that you are one of the students they should accept and get a college spot. For you to do that you need to create a lasting impression, one that will impress your reader. You can do this by adding lots of details to your essay, details that will create an exhaustive image of your personality.


Writing a unique college application essay can be quite difficult. Many students are scared by the thought they need to write this kind of essay. When writing your own essay, you should take note of these tips and you won’t have any trouble in being accepted to the college you want.

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