Discover The World Of Engineering!

Discover The World Of Engineering!

The world is engineering does seem wide and vast! Many people have no idea of the fact that there are approximately forty different types of engineering. This means companies do have extensive opportunities and job openings for engineers making the profession a lucrative one.

When it comes to the field of engineering, JD Dukes is a reputed qualified mechanical engineer who graduated from The University of Wisconsin, USA. He says that students should consider the field of engineering for jobs in the future. Most of the jobs available in the market are high paid ones and he says that undergraduate students effectively are able to enjoy a lucrative career path once they choose engineering.

What are the Major Types of Engineering?

There are four types of engineering and they are divided into mechanical, civil, electrical and chemical. With the passage of time, more areas of engineering were added. Some examples are geotechnical engineering and management. With the advancement of time and technology, more sub-categories of engineering developed as the need for specialized engineering emerged. These sub-categories are popular even today.

The following are the popular sub-categories of engineering as follows-

  • Mechanical engineering- Here, the engineer designs mechanical structures across industries. This can range from manufacturing to the field of cooling, heating, aeronautics and nanotechnology. Mechanical engineers are also needed in the field of nuclear power production. There is a field called mechatronics and it is here that the mechanical system along with their electronic controls are taught in the mechanical engineering courses.
  • Electrical engineering- This form of engineering deals with the different forms of energy namely- hydro, wind, solar and electrical. The work of an engineer here is to create technology that can be applied to these different forms of energy. They take the onus of designing different electrical components for the equipment, communication, power grid and more.
  • Civil engineering- If the student is fond of building highways and other infrastructure, civil engineering is the right domain for him or her. The civil engineer is involved in both the construction and the design of buildings, tracks, highways and roads. It also highlights the rehabilitation and the rebuilding of structures that have been damaged by natural disasters. Civil engineering also contains the field of architectural and structural engineering.
  • Chemical engineering – This domain of engineering has been the most common study of engineering till the present time. The job of a chemical engineer is to create projects. Here, the practical use of chemistry is applied to the project so that there are no safety issues. All industries need a chemical engineer and the career prospects for one are lucrative.

Jeffrey A Dukes says there are many jobs for engineers across the world and applying for them means you have made a wise and prudent choice. At the same time, you must ensure that your know your domain well in order to perform in the said field. He helps and guides candidates who are interested to join engineering branches. He says that with the aid of the right education and knowledge career prospects for the engineer are bright!

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