Second Chance Banking Facilities Offered At Minimal Charges

Second Chance Banking Facilities Offered At Minimal Charges

Regular customers of many banks do not have access to their regular account. They are not able to check their transaction history and other details like credit card. Second chance banking provides them ease of access for their regular account. Customers will have to open new account for accessing their regular account. You will not able to have access all facilities of regular account. Bank denies application for new accounts for fraud history of many applicants. So, some banks and credit card unions offer second chance banking so that you can use traditional banking facilities.

There are number of various best second chance banking facilities that you will get, which are listed here:

  • Low or no monthly charges for any transactions
  • You can open account with zero deposit
  • Services like ATM, debit cards access, online bill access and transaction statement will be free.

All 2nd chance banking has not all features. You must have to check all fees and requirements of bank. Major and famous banks do not offer second chance of banking. Debit card unions and credit card unions offer such facilities as they want more and more customers. Each bank has its own requirements for opening second chance banking and all applicants must follow them.

Banks with Second Chance Programs:

Wood forest national bank

Maintenance fees at this second chance account are $9.95. Wood forest national bank is one of best banks and for each facility, you have to pay charges.

Bank of the Ozarks

If people have more amount of money, they can get second checking account in this bank. Join this bank for second chance account and pay $10 per month for bank charges.

Centennial bank

For getting checking account at centennial bank, you will need $100 as minimum account balance. You can get account either online or by visiting their branch.

Home street bank

With good financial service, you will get good encouraging behavior here. If you fulfill certified criteria of financial education class, then you have to pay $100 for your personal second chance bank accounts. You will also have to maintain positive balance in your home street checking bank account.

Main source bank

Minimum opening deposit for main source bank is $25 and starts your fresh checking. If you get direct deposit in your account or have e statements, you should have to pay low maintenance fee which is $0.10. For getting account in this bank, you can visit online website and may visit your nearest branch.

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