This Is How You Can Keep Your Information Private from Your ISP Today

This Is How You Can Keep Your Information Private from Your ISP Today

The recent rules state that FCC cannot limit Internet Service Providers(ISP) like they can limit search engines in keeping your data and search results a secret. There are many searchengines that you can find which will keep your data secure but you won’t find many ISPs, considering the fact that there are very few ISP providers in a region. Here is how we cankeep our data secure while being on an ISP:

Search engines end up generating a lot of money by accessing the data entered. They stayed linked with an IP address with the help of which they use keywords of your previous search results and find the ads of your choice. If you do not want Google to trace such information of yours, then you can transfer your searches to Bing, DuckDuckGo or Ecosia. This scattering process does not work in case of ISPs. It is very difficult to switch routers between CenturyLink, Time Warner and Verizon. ISPs do not only give access to IP addresses but also to physical addresses, names, billings and access to whatever you are looking for. Whatever information you have already entered like your personal details in a job application form or your address and contact details when you ordered a t-shirt from an e-commerce website is already with them. Now let us see how we can try to keep our information private:

The first thing to worry is that how can the common people protect such information from being looked at on the Internet. The internet has many protection layers which try to keep your information safe. There are many options to undertake to keep your information in safe hands. It includes use of Virtual Private Networks (VPN) which work well to hide traffic from ISPs by locking out from prying eyes and other kinds of techniques. We will look at Tails Os and TOR to keep other such options open.

A VPN works extremely well to understand what needs to be kept private and what is not to be kept private. The best VPN servers that you can consider are AES-265 protocols (Advanced Encryption Standard), Tier-1 Networks, regular updates to their services, an app if you are running on a supported platform for such actions (including mobile devices) and most importantly is the No-Logs Policy. NordVPN is a type of VPN which helps to keep your data protected by a special kind of encryption.

It has some great features with arguably make it the best looking interface. Hidemyass is another VPN which has a great amount of VPN security built in and is not that expensive. You can find out more about hma vpn on this link Another VPN is BulletVPN and it is the highly recommended with its great user interface and easy to use features. It has no log policy and its location is spread across the continent. TOR helps to provide anonymity through the section of audience who had been searching with the help of similar keywords. When powered with tails OS privacy can be achieved not relating to IP alone but from all related sectors.

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