What Are The Reasons Which Can Cause A Parent To Lose A Child Custody Case

What Are The Reasons Which Can Cause A Parent To Lose A Child Custody Case

A child is often regarded as the most precious gift in a person’s life. There are very few instances in life when we face challenges which put all our life at stake. One such issue is child custody decisions. A lot of parents prefer to settle their custody issues in a civil manner which is acrimonious; however there are instances where one parent may try to gain a sole custody or try to regain his or her right as a parent after losing a custody battle. You can employ the services a divorce lawyers in Brisbane, who are expected to file a request which is a formal order to request the court to issue orders related to child custody and child support as well as a court order for the other parent to appear in the court.

Child custody cases are very sensitive issues which should be fought by experienced divorce lawyers in Brisbane.

There are many reasons, because of which parents lose custody of their children:-

Child Abuse

One of the main reasons for which a parent loses the custody of the children is child abuse. If a parent is proven to have physically or verbally abused a child then the other parent has sufficient reason to apply for a revoke in custody. It is important to have proof of all the evidence which will act in your favor in the court against your former partner.

Domestic Abuse

If your partner has not directly abused your child but has indulged in some kind of gender based domestic abuse, the other partner can still apply for revoking child custody with the help of divorce lawyers in Brisbane. Apart from physical abuse, verbal abuse of one parent  over phone calls, emails or social media can also be used as evidence for revoking custody in the court of law.

Primary caretaker

In a divorce battle it is commonly assumed that the mother is the primary caregiver for a child. However in many cases it has been found that a father equally fulfills his duty as a primary caregiver. If that is the case then, the court is likely to swing in favor of the primary caregiver of the child irrespective of the gender of the parents.

Not being involved in a child’s daily activities

If a parent has not shown interest in the daily school and personal activities of a child and has not performed parental duties then he or she might be considered as neglectful and is not likely to be granted to primary of sole custody of the child.

Complaints from third parties

If a child complains about one parent to a third party like his teacher or a social worker about the quality of life that he experiences at home then the teacher and the social workers are obligated to report such information which should not be taken lightly.

Unaddressed alcohol or drug problem

If your former partner suffers from any kind of addiction then you can take help from your divorce lawyers in Brisbane to prove very easily why you should be granted sole custody of your children. The court may order a rehabilitation program, however during the treatment period it is best to keep the child away from any kind of addictive environment.

Pending criminal charges

If one parent is facing criminal charges, he/she is not qualified with to become the sole caregiver for a child. A family law court usually does not grant custody to a parent who is facing jail time and will not be able to take care of the child.

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