5 Techniques To Increase The Number Of Positive Reviews On Review Sites

5 Techniques To Increase The Number Of Positive Reviews On Review Sites

Should you care about online reviews? Absolutely! And there are endless reasons to do that. There has been a growing trend of people watching a review on the leading review sites before making a purchase. But how can you increase positive reviews for your business?

5 Techniques To Increase The Number Of Positive Reviews On Review Sites

Recent studies have proved the importance of good reviews for a business. According to these studies, 88% of people consult online reviews and 63% of people buy from sites that provide customer reviews. These figures make good reviews lucrative for any business. Here are a few ways to increase positive reviews on your business page:

  1. Monitor the reviews you get: There are many reviewing sites and it is important to check what reviews people are posting. Reviews might be positive or negative, but reading these review sites will help you know a lot about your clients. This will also give you an inspiration to continuously read them. You will be able to encourage customers only if you read the reviews yourself.
  1. Complete your profiles: If you have completed your online profile, it will help people know more about you can the work you do. Your profile should include basic information like contact details, store address and working hours. Imagine a customer comes to your store at some time which is past your working hours, how will he feel? Hence, informing your potential customers will also help you get a good image. Completing your profile will encourage your customers to review your page.
  1. Include photographs and product details: A customer may get disappointed and give you negative reviews because he expected something different from what he got. Including photographs and other important details will help your customers know what they will get and the chances of their disappointment after buying the product or services will decrease. Remember, people get disappointed because of spending their time and money on your product or services. Tell them what they can expect beforehand.
  1. Show them reviews are important for you: Reply to the reviews you get, whether it is a good review or a bad review. This will send a clear message to your customers that their concern is your concern too. Show your gratitude for a good review. In this way, you can turn a happy customer into an enthusiastic supporter who will spread the positive word around for your business. Also, do not forget to address problems of the customers who gave you the bad reviews. According to a study, replying to bad reviews can increase conversion by 67%.
  1. Remind happy customers to review: Ask your customers how their experience was and remind them that they can share their review on a review site. Use subtle ways to encourage them to review you. Do not give rewards to your customers in exchange for giving positive reviews. This is against the guidelines of most of the review sites. Setting up of review stations like a tablet or a laptop might and asking customers to review right there is also against policies of many review sites.

Understanding how these review sites work will help you in increasing your positive reviews. You can know more about increasing positive reviews on review sites by reading blogs on Blurbpoint

Whether you want it or not, your customers will review your product or services. These reviews have become very important for any business. You cannot bury your head in a sand and act being unperturbed. And know that the best way to increase positive reviews is by providing quality product or services to your customers!

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