Artificial Intelligence in Employee Monitoring

Artificial Intelligence in Employee Monitoring

Monitoring employee performance is a structured, planned activity where both you and your employee collect examples and samples of their actual performance for comparison against the performance objectives you’ve agreed. And a quick word about what monitoring isn’t – it isn’t about checking every bit of your employee’s work or about following them around.Some organizations have responded to this and other business challenges, by creating workplaces that do more than just improve productivity; they aim to build a strong, vibrant organizational culture that supports the company itself.

Employers understandably don’t want employees surfing inappropriate websites, trading stocks, or playing poker while on the clock. More important to many companies, however, is that employees aren’t engaging in corporate espionage, selling trade secrets, or using workplace computers to harass other co workers. Employers generally have access to employee communications while on the job but with some set of rules.

Artificial intelligence can analyze the data from employee interactions and use that information to better tailor training sessions to the individual worker. Everyone learns in different ways and has varied skill sets, so allowing employees to learn to the best of their abilities will only improve on-boarding and productivity.

When it comes to managing a workplace, what you don’t know can hurt you. More specifically, if a manager doesn’t know exactly how well or how poorly her employees are performing, she will have no idea how to reward the workers who are excelling. Nor will she know when to assist or even fire those that are underperforming. Measuring and managing employee performance is important because it gives you the ability to properly gauge worker efficiency, identify who is working hard and who isn’t, determine how to properly compensate your workforce, and improve your workplace’s overall productivity.

In certain work environments, performance evaluations can be tied to employee compensation. It makes sense that if a consistently standout employee deserves a promotion, then she might also deserve a pay increase. Similarly, if a consistently underperforming employee deserves a demotion, then she should not be given a pay raise until she raises her level of performance.

When you have the ability to properly gauge employee efficiency, identify the strong and weak employees, and compensate them appropriately, then your business will become more productive and therefore more successful. Employees become aware of their peers who consistently receive pay increases and promotions and they strive to follow in those peers’ footsteps. Similarly, employees might look at their peers who have been demoted or fired and view them as cautionary tales.

After all, why would you bother monitoring employee performance if you didn’t think that performance was valuable? I guess you wouldn’t. When you monitor performance you pay attention to your employee’s work and that, in itself, is motivational.

Be smart about how and when you monitor employee communications. If you create a draconian atmosphere of surveillance or implement a system that seems excessive given the potential problems, a court is much more likely to find that you are violating employee privacy rights. Ensure that your monitoring system is proportional to any potential problems because overreaching is a good way to ensure a lawsuit from a disgruntled employee. Hence opting for employee performance software would be the right choice.


I am Lochana Varadarajan a blogger and a Project Manager. Ever since I was a child, I loved to read and hear about the future of technology, whether it came in the form of information technology, so it was only natural that I developed a personal interest in artificial intelligence once I became familiar with computer science. I believe that the future, although it may not be evident yet, will be intimately tied to the growth of AI; that is why I chose employee performance software that would give me the freedom to discover the depths of this amazing field.

Being into Project management I faced the difficulties in tracking the performance of my team and segregating the productivity of the employee. So, my personal interest in AI and Management lead me to the path of employee monitoring wherein I would be able to show more productivity and understand my co workers. The employee monitoring software I am writing about is seriously a boon to the managers in bringing up peaks in the performance chart and making the bond between managers and team a strong one.

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