Why Setting Up A Business In Switzerland Is Such A Good Idea

Why Setting Up A Business In Switzerland Is Such A Good Idea

If you are contemplating the idea of establishing a holding company in Switzerland, you’re definitely thinking along the right road to success. Switzerland is one of the most competitive countries in the world and looks set to stay that way for the future? But why Switzerland? Are any or all of the following key factors of importance in making your choice? Let’s take a look at them:

  • Key financial centre
  • Head office of many multinational companies
  • High degree of education and innovation
  • Superb quality of life
  • Centrally situated in Europe
  • Political and financial cohesion
  • Vibrant economy and currency
  • Liberal tax system
  • Competent and trustworthy administration
  • Excellent infrastructure
  • Outstanding public infrastructure
  • Highly educated and able workforce
  • Creative country with top quality research, development and technology
  • Dependable business, legal and regulatory environment
  • Low Value Added Tax when compared to other EU countries
  • Swiss holding companies are now the most popular worldwide

From the very start, the more clear and precise the business strategy is defined, the more rapid will it be possible to go from planning to implementation of a project. After confirmation that a wished for company name is available, and the capital has been invested, a business can be registered in the period of only one to two weeks.

To set up a company in Switzerland will require obtaining relationships with major partners like government officials, bankers and other corporate professionals. You will need professional advisors to construct a chain of contacts and assist you in becoming established in this surrounding and meeting all of your business objectives.

Why Setting Up A Business In Switzerland Is Such A Good Idea

Excellent reputation of Switzerland

Having a clear strategy is definitely a major motivations for such a move. By concentrating your business in Switzerland and because of the highly competitive nature of today’s business environment, it requests a refined European and worldwide market approach. The selection of a European locale is a major part of such a strategy, and your choice must take into consideration its advantages and benefits, which will provide the best chances of success and minimise any type of risk.

Switzerland still has the most advantageous business position on the continent of Europe. With progressive market conditions and a future looking research and technology base, Switzerland holds the position of a country as open and efficient for both domestic and foreign businesses alike.

Success Begins with an S

For such reasons a large number of the planet’s major companies have selected Switzerland as the ideal location for their worldwide, European or regional headquarters, their international finance businesses or research facilities. The outstanding success of these companies, can be seen as a benchmark for the SME’s and for private investors.

The well renowned tax system in Switzerland very much conforms to the country’s great reputation as a centre for international finance and trade. A lot of tax benefits have been made current so as to invite foreign investment into Switzerland, while there are limited restrictions on Swiss investment abroad.

Switzerland is the place to be business wise!

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