Samsung Galaxy S9: The Newest Trend Of Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S9: The Newest Trend Of Smartphone

The new Samsung model has a futuristic design, one of the most popular trends in 2017. I particularly like Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8, and it because I see it as elegant. And, now my hope for the Galaxy S9 is even higher

For the upcoming Galaxy S9, among the highlights is it is curved display. I feel like I can see everything in 4D, it’s amazing, although it has certain weaknesses. According to some authorized repair centers, fixing the screen of the new South Korean smartphone would have a price higher than 900USD.

Another important point is the size of the Galaxy S9. I hate the large screen, which do not fit in the pocket or cost to grab with one hand. In this sense, the S8 is perfect. It measures 148.9mm in height (between a Note 7 and an S7, although narrower than the latter). By its width, it fits well in one hand; and for its length, you can take great advantage of the screen to watch videos, series, and even movies. So, Samsung Galaxy S9 is also going to be a perfection entity.

But not everything is rosy. The location of the fingerprint sensor makes no sense (at least not for the size of my hand). The fingerprint sensor is useless to me. I tried it for a couple of days but ended up putting my finger on the back camera. The only thing I managed to do was dirty the lens and not unlock anything. For Galaxy S9, Samsung should be able to come up with something such that its finger print sensor is at some good location.

Functions and Capacity

If you love ‘selfies,’ there is no doubt that this cell phone is for you. It has a ‘selfie’ mode in the camera options, thanks to which the approaches that are achieved are ideal. Also, it has filters of certain applications like B612 and Sweet Selfie, already installed in the cellular; that is, do not occupy your memory with this app. So, Galaxy S9 will also offer selfie mode that will create clear portraits for you.

For S8, the battery lasts an eternity. I use my S8 all day, seriously, everything. I listen to music, take photos, record videos, and speak for Whatsapp day and night; and the battery seems to be inexhaustible. I still carry my loader everywhere, a tool that by the way is a boom, to come with several adapters. Overall decent performance in the battery but we expect that Samsung should come up with more powerful battery in the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Samsung is continuously doing improvements in the battery and display, but the stable results are yet to be achieved, and we hope that Samsung should make it possible with the Samsung Galaxy S9 release date.


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