How To Decide Whether To Hire An Individual Translator Or Any Translation Agency

How To Decide Whether To Hire An Individual Translator Or Any Translation Agency

You may be having plenty of written materials for promotion of your business, any important reports, certain important documents or your company’s website that you want to get it translated in any particular language. Now you have a choice here. Either you can hire an individual who is proficient in translating to other language or may contact any translation agency like The Translation People.

In this article we shall discuss about both the options so that you can make a decision based on your priority and convenience.

Option for Translation Agency

This option may be littler costlier. However, there are following advantages of choosing this option that you cannot ignore.

  • An agency will employ people for doing the job and therefore if you have very large volume of material to get translated quickly it will be a better option for choosing an agency as number of people can do the job parallelly to deliver you as per your target time.
  • In case you want to get your matter translated into multiple number of languages then contracting an agency will be a better option as they have experts in different languages.
  • If your matter is little technical that needs to have better understanding of the technicalities of the topic, then choosing an agency will be the right option.
  • Usually the agency also employs quality editing service and therefore they will ensure that your translated material will be without any punctuation or grammatical mistakes.

However, it is important to enquire about the agency, whether they truly have all the above facilities in their organization. Nowadays many agencies use the services of online writers about whose capabilities is questionable. Also, there may be chance that most of the matter they will deliver to you can be without any quality check as they promise. You have to pay significant amount for their service as a part of commission.

Option of Individual Translator Service

Most of the above advantages that are listed for translation agencies can also be available with any individual translator too at much lower charges. Depending upon the size of your project, you may also prefer individual translator. Individual translator also has following advantages.

  • You can be in direct touch with the translator and you are aware about his capability. Translator can also communicate with you regularly in case he needs to verify any technical points.
  • The same translator will carry out the project and therefore the writing style will be same throughout.
  • Usually individual translator will cater to the need of lower work volume, however if the need arises perhaps he can help you by collaborating with his trusted associates and deliver you the job at much better price than any agency.
  • Usually an individual writer or translator has technical knowledge in several fields by virtue of providing service to different customers and if your matter is beyond his knowledge then he will honestly admit it.

Looking at the above, we recommend that you must give a chance to any individual translator first and if he declines it then you may contract an agency.

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